Generalist and problem solver

Though I specialize in Meteor.js I consider myself a generalist and problem solver. I've solved Meteor-specific problems, like overriding core Meteor packages to provide custom functionality, and I've solved more general problems like rendering email templates on the server side and integrating with complex apis like Microsoft EWS.

Technical solutions

I enjoy solving tough technical problems. Although outside my area of expertiese I've built performance testing tools, hardware integrations, custom debuggers, build/compile plugins, CLI tools, and more.

Always learning

I love learning new technologies, whether on the job or on the side. I'm currently dabling in Elixir and Rust, and I'd love to learn the new technology powering your tech stack.

A wide range of technologies

In my programming journey I've worked with many different programming technologies, including:

  • Javascript
  • Meteor.js
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • RethinkDB
  • Serverless (the framework)
  • Knockout
  • C# & .Net
  • SQL (mysql & Microsoft SQL)
  • And More

What my customers are saying

From his first response to our job posting, Joshua showed that he understood our problem and could provide creative, well researched, and technically feasible solutions. Joshua worked with us to quickly implement a prototype version of our idea and iterate on that solution until we had a fully-featured product that did exactly what we want.

Throughout the whole process we really enjoyed Joshua’s technical expertise, excellent written & spoken communication skills and high quality well architected code. His good availability & on time delivery of software were also a huge bonus.

Joshua also did a great job on the business front, providing us with clear detailed bids and delivering them without price increases.

Amit Livnat - CEO, JustDo, Inc.

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