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Ohlman IO is a one man dev shop centered around making your business successful

Business value built into every feature

At Ohlman IO, the first step in building any feature is to understand what benefit the customer will get. Often, when developers build features before they understand the purpose of that feature the end result is a useless or unnecessary feature. By first getting a firm understanding of the business value behind each feature we can build better features which are more useful to customers.

Excellence in development

I'm in software development because I love to write code. But I don't just love to write code: I love to write high quality "beautiful" code that provides real benefit and does the job well.

Keeping you in the know

As a business owner you need to know how your project is doing: we use awesome tools like slack & asana to make it easy for you to stay in the loop.

A developer you can trust

I know you want to work with someone you trust to do a good job, provide value for money and be consistent. Which is a big part of why I work normal business hours, I'm on time, and I provide transparency in billing.

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